Why This Blog Died

Blake Andrews called it yesterday: this blog died in the year 2011. Why did that happen? I am sure the 25 people who have visited here since then are wondering too.

From what I can tell, I started blogging around the early parts of 2005. I got a Blogger account so I could leave a comment on Thomas Boyd‘s blogger blog at the time, or something like that. Maybe it was Allison V. Smith’s blog, I can’t really remember. I was still working at the newspaper at the time and preparing to apply to graduate school. I had a Flickr account, posted photos there, but decided to hop on the bandwagon of blogging. Not a lot of worthwhile stuff, because even then, the photo blogging community was not yet fully formed.A lot of the photos are missing since I have cleaned out my flickr account for one reason or another. It was during graduate school that I took a Photography and the Web class from Paho Mann,  where the main thrust of this blog, words on photography, developed as part of a class project. So this blog came to life I am thinking during the fall of 2008. I had this blog, my other personal blog, and a website I felt plugged in. At times I dabbled with tumblr off and on.

I have never set out to making a living from this blog. It started as a class project, and my own strong opinions about various photo topics had kept me going. This post was probably the turning point for me. After this post, I really did not want to the be the one commenting on things any longer, it became tiring. I tend to spend more time than I should online looking for photographers or new working methods. I feel like this is part of my job as a photography educator. The other thing I realized was that what happens in the classroom stays in the classroom. I will share a link that is passed on to me, but I will not comment or complain my students online. That is just not professional. There have been a few times where I have tweeted how behind in my grading I am, but other than that, you would not know I teach, unless you looked a blog I made for a class.

This blog started getting updated when I would post a book review for photo-eye, but after a while, I would just tweet the links. I started to like Twitter more than this blog. Facebook was something that I spent some time on, but eventually left for a variety of different reasons. I have thought about going back to Facebook, but in the end I always decided against it.

The increasing amount of time I spend on my phone does not help. I think about blogging when it is easy to blog, which it is on the laptop, but on my phone, I am prone to tweet than blog. Once, tweeted, I would probably not blog about it. Which is what it all comes down to. What is it that I want to say, and what is the easiest way to say it? It is easier to do that on my phone with Twitter than this blog, or the blog on my website, or the Tumblr I once had, or the….you get the picture.

With Twitter it is easier to mix the passions for photography, F1, college basketball and bacon than here. This blog, by it’s very name, is limited to just photography, but I can find  a way to pull all of those tangents together.

Lastly, the realities of life in 2011 got in my way, be it a high teaching load, long commutes, motivation that only comes in small doses, economic worries, the kids, my wife, money, the car that only eats money, etc. all sap the life out of me. There are times when I walk away from the online life and read a book just to recharge the batteries. I need to do this more. If all I worry about is what I have to say on the blog, my priorities are off. I want to make pictures, write some book reviews, participate in my life. I do not want to be thought of the guy who twists off about the online photo issue of the day. Aline Smithson covered a lot of those things better than I could have.

I am glad that someone paid enough attention to my thoughts to mention them to a wider audience. For something that started as a class project, I feel like I have learned a lot. Especially when I realize I prefer to make images more than anything. So, if you see this and like what you see, I can be found on Twitter and Google +, but I don’t write much their either. I occasionally post here. I am also on Goodreads.

When I started this blog it was more for me than anyone else. To stay true to that spirit, I should have called this blog dead a year ago, but in that time I have realized I can live without it.





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